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The name on everybody’s lips is gonna be……….

July 5, 2019

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The name on everybody’s lips is gonna be….ChiCATgo! Rouge your knees and roll your stockings down with us as we take you on a story of catfights, betrayal, and a whole lot of skritches. With vocal performances by Madisin Bordeaux, Lark Lazuli, and Lana del Gay, you’ll be feline fine by the end of the night!

July 5th, Dan’s SilverLeaf, Denton


Kitty Martini as Jazzabella
Birdie Holly as Moxie McClawvity
Chola Magnolia as Cha Cha la Puss
Tulla Moore as Velma Katty
Lily Liqueur as Celly Mistoffatease
Mayo Boy as Tummy Tomcat
Gigi Peaches as Rub Tum Tuggit
Milo Cox as the Narrator

the MurderCats:
Marie de Menthe
Violet Bites
Mina Panamour
Dahlia Derringer
Lily Cox
The Bearded Queer

Sponsored by Martin House Brewing, Wine Squared, and The Tangerine Tiger
21+ $10 GA, $20 seated, $120 front row champagne table for 4
Tickets here

Aug 30 – Live Band Burlesque with the Southpaw Preachers


Starring Bobby Barnaby, Kimber Crimson Fox, Honey Cocoa Bordeaux, Vivienne Vermuth, Sodi Scum, Cherry Antoinette, Sabra Johnsin, and hosted by Milo Cox. 21+ Tickets $10-30


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